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Custom Lighting Maintenance Programs

Maintaining exterior site and interior lighting is important to maintaining a safe and attractive property, but it is often a maintenance challenge.  Why not let us do the work?  Let the experts at Gaylor Electric develop a hassle-free lighting maintenance program that is specifically tailored to your needs.

How We Start

Our custom lighting maintenance program is designed to reflect each property and your specific needs.  We provide a review of each site which includes field technician time, layout of the site, determination of costs, evaluation of schematic drawings, and cataloging of all fixtures.  Inside lighting in lobbies, warehouses, and common corridors can also be included upon request.

We will identify the type, voltage, wattage, and location for all lights on each site.  Then we will assign a catalog number to each fixture to allow for simple identification and maintenance tracking.  With this information, we guarantee that our technicians will be prepared during each site visit.

During the site review, we will also offer energy and cost saving recommendations.

Scheduled Surveys and Repair

Once your site is set up for our program, we will verify the proper operation of all lights included in the program during quarterly, monthly, or weekly visits -- whichever addresses your specific needs.  If a lamp or ballast needs to be replaced, we'll perform the work based on pre-established time and material rates.  If any additional items need to be repaired or corrected, we will recommend additional corrective actions for your approval. 


We guarantee that any necessary lighting maintenance will be performed quickly and seamlessly.  In fact, we will provide material free of charge if your light, socket, and ballast are not installed within 72 hours of approval by your designated contact person. (Excludes weekends and holidays.)

We also guarantee free replacement for repairs made to lamps and ballasts for 24 months after recommended repairs and replacements are completed.  This warranty will not apply to any fixture, lamp, or ballast that has not received all recommended repairs.  This warranty does not apply to damage caused by outside forces or acts of nature, or if any unauthorized individual or company has performed any services to warranted material.

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