Gaylor Represents Indiana on Trade Mission to China and Japan

Gaylor Represents Indiana on Trade Mission to China and JapanColumbus, IN – November 5, 2010 – Building strong business relationships.

Governor Mitch Daniels is mobilizing a trade mission to China and Japan this week to accomplish that goal. Mike Kern, Vice President and manager of Gaylor’s Columbus office, was selected to participate as a member of the Indiana delegation that will meet with business leaders in Asia.

“Central and southern Indiana are very fortunate to have many companies that are owned by or do business with Chinese and Japanese organizations,” said Kern. “I’m honored to be part of this mission promoting investment in our state and to have the opportunity to renew existing relationships as well as develop new ones for companies that might want to make Indiana home.”

According to Kern, Gaylor, a nationwide electrical contractor headquartered in Indianapolis, has extensive experience in collaborating with foreign investors. In south central Indiana Gaylor has worked closely with Japanese-owned manufacturing operations such as NTN Driveshaft, Mitsubishi and AISIN U.S.A.

Statistics compiled by the Columbus Economic Development Board reveal 17 Japanese companies employing 3,300 residents while approximately 150 people hold jobs at 3 Chinese corporations based in the Columbus area. In addition, 5,600 Dongfeng Cummins employees benefit from the joint venture created by a partnership with Dongfeng, a China-based automobile manufacturer.

Gaylor is committed to the electrical industry’s highest standards of professional integrity, performance, and cost effective services for the benefit of its clients. Since its inception in 1984, Gaylor has grown to become the most widely respected electrical contractor in the nation. Gaylor is governed by core values including safety, diversity, education, employees and relationships.

Natural Light Shines in on New Energy Star Rated School

energy star rated school energy star rated school 2Shelbyville, KY – August 13, 2010 – Daylight streams into the halls, classrooms and gymnasium of Martha Layne Collins High School creating a sustainable environment that conserves energy, saves money, promotes high student performance.

“By incorporating indoor illumination with outdoor light, we blend the two sources into learning spaces to improve the quality of lighting.  This energy smart technique is called daylight harvesting,” explained Jeff Frazier, Vice President of Gaylor of Jeffersonville, Indiana. “Supplementing manufactured lighting with free natural daylight can drastically reduce energy bills as well as benefit students’ health and grades.”

Daylight harvesting employs a digital technology that senses light in classrooms and balances electric lamps dimming or increasing the lighting automatically thus decreasing energy consumption. In addition, high ceilings, large windows and the positioning of the building all support the school’s ability to harvest sunlight as a renewable energy source – a key part of a complex energy management plan.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, school systems spend more money on energy bills than textbooks and computers combined and at least 30 percent of the district’s total energy is used inefficiently.

“Gaylor has followed all of the design specifications down to the last detail installing high efficiency lighting systems that support school district’s green policies,” said Frazier.  “One unique advancement is the use of a photovoltaic unit to power the science labs.  Not only is this small solar system operative, it also functions as an educational tool.”

Implementing energy-saving devices allowed the $5 million, 225,000 square-foot  high school to earn the Energy Star label from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency designating the institution as an environmental leader.

Gaylor Installs “Green” Lighting in Brownstown Schools

Brownstown, IN – July 15, 2010 – Students moved out for the summer and Gaylor’s electricians moved in on a mission to replace 90-percent of the light fixtures in classrooms throughout Brownstown Central High School and Brownstown Central Middle School with environmentally-friendly materials.

This renovation is part of the community’s green initiative and upgrades involve installing new energy-saving lamps and electronic occupancy controls to limit power consumption when rooms are not in use.

brownstown“It’s critical that our team focuses on converting the current lighting to energy efficient product with speed and precision,” said Mike Kern, Columbus branch manager for Gaylor, Inc.  “We are on target to have the work completed in time for the students to return to school in August.”

Replacing old lights ensures that aging school buildings keep up with the lighting needs of a modern education. According to the National Lighting Bureau, schools rely on quality lighting to provide an effective learning environment, which is one of the most critical physical characteristics of the classroom and affects a student’s behavior, alertness and ability to learn.

Plans call for Gaylor electricians to replace 1,870 lights with high-efficiency luminaries, equip 200 rooms with motion sensors and install an electronic control system for the high school gym which allows for full or partial lighting of the gymnasium.

According to Kern, “these lighting systems are designed to provide an appropriately lit educational environment while meeting the school system’s budget and sustainability requirements and minimizing waste.”

Gaylor, Inc. is committed to delivering excellent workmanship that fulfills the electrical industry’s highest standards of professional integrity and performance while providing cost effective services for the benefit of its clients.  Since its inception in 1984, Gaylor has grown to become the most widely respected electrical contractor in the nation.  Gaylor is governed by core values including safety, diversity, education, employees and relationships.

ABC Opens New Construction Industry Training Center

new training centerOn January 28, 2010, Associated Builders and Contractors opened the ABC Gaylor Training Center, a construction craft training and education facility, in Charlotte.

The new training center has over 10,000 square feet of space, and includes five classrooms, laboratories, laydown work space, a conference room, and a general office.  The Training Center has received accreditation from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

The training center will host the ABC Electrical Apprenticeship program.  Future plans include adding plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, and other craft training courses.

“The ABC Gaylor Training Center will provide us with an opportunity to train our young people using a top notch facility and state-of-the-art equipment,” said ABC Carolinas Chapter President and CEO Doug Carlson.  “In turn, the education our students receive will help them secure a lifelong career in the construction industry.”