Multiple Locations

Our team facilitated a productive and precise workflow from the very beginning. By capitalizing on Robotic Total Station (RTS) technology with our Trimble equipment, Gaylor was able to map thousands of points within the Trimble software to meet the lighting specifications of 8,000 light fixtures. As a result, the technology eliminated any chance of human error, maximized placement accuracy, and provided our electrical team with the precise data that was necessary to make informed project decisions. By using this math-based ‘line-of-sight’ system along with 3 or more known points of reference, the crew installed perfectly placed fixture rough-ins and hangers from the roof. As a result, our team was able to accelerate schedule, eliminate trade clashes, and flawlessly execute the plan-spec design with precision and ease.

Through innovative fabrication, our electrical team has mastered the art of maximizing schedule and eliminating construction complications and safety hazards. Among the benefits of a solid preconstruction plan, fabrication played a large role in high-quality delivery of the Amazon fulfillment center. By utilizing in-house fabrication, our experienced team was able to build complex electrical modules in a controlled environment – with multiple quality checks throughout assembly.

The Gaylor engineering team began the process by customizing the fabrication plans to fit the unique demands of the owner’s objectives. Taking into consideration design, timeline, budget and manpower requirements, the in-house team was able to provide our onsite team ready-to-go assemblies that saved time and created a worry-free installation. These assemblies included 40ft power walls, exit signs, transformers, and column outlets.