Anderson Solar Park

Anderson, IN


Brandt Construction, Inc.






The construction of Anderson Solar Park relied on executing a productive and precise construction workflow from day one. This was accomplished through a detailed pre-planning phase and successfully applying project innovations. The project began on 35 acres of muddy wetlands. After thousands of support posts were driven into the ground, and over 20,000 pieces of solar glass were secured, the electrical team was brought onsite to make it all work. The constructability of Anderson Solar was different than the standard electrical project. In typical circumstances, the electrical team works to bring power to the project to energize the necessary components of a facility. In this case, we started with the sun and worked backwards to feed the generated DC power back into the power grid as AC power. This process was supported by 675,000ft of wire, 71 combiner boxes, 11 inverter skids, 6 transformers and 6 480v panel boards. The installation of each system was orchestrated through detailed pull-planning boards.