Carmel High School

Carmel, IN


Huber Hunt & Nichols




Carmel Clay Schools broke ground on their $50 million renovation and expansion of Carmel High School. Gaylor performed all of the electrical installations for this one million square foot construction project and completed the job within a 30-month compressed schedule.

Gaylor’s contract covered remodeling the school’s Performing Arts Center including the orchestra pit, performance stage installing the latest technology in theatre lighting including multi-use lanterns, spotlights, floodlights and luminaires designed for special effects.

In addition, Gaylor provided and installed twelve sound systems featuring high performance acoustics. Due to the complexity of the enhanced lighting and sound components, Gaylor administered 40 hours in training and production assistance for school personnel teaching them proper use and maintenance techniques for the sophisticated equipment.

Carmel High School is the home of an award-winning performing arts program that dictated the need for the high performance, state-of-the-art lighting and sound system schemes.