DePauw Alumni Center

Greencastle, IN


The work at DePauw began with the internal demolition of the existing house, in combination with an expansion/buildout. The takeoff of this project proved to be a challenging task as the ceilings and walls of the buildings did not match up. For the electrical team, plaster walls in the existing facility were very difficult to work with. Behind every plaster wall a support layer of old lattice had to be penetrated in order to install the conduit and rough ins. The team had to carefully drill and fish cable through the building’s outdated structure.

The DePauw project presented logistic, storage, and installation challenges. In close proximity to the DePauw student population, our electrical team was able to stay on schedule and keep everyone safe throughout the build. This was made possible by breaking down the alumni center into manageable portions of installation work packages, to assure that all materials, information, tools, and equipment were in the right place at the right time.

Throughout the project our team maintained a high level of quality standards. Activities such as inspection, testing, monitoring and reviewing were performed onsite. Our certified inspectors documented the progress, took photographs of our work, and immediately corrected anything found to be non-compliant.

The execution of the DePauw Alumni Center blended Safety, Quality and Production while providing real value to DePauw University’s alumni association, student body, and future scholars. By capitalizing on preplanning and coordination our team was able to deliver a breathtaking final product.