Martinsburg, West Virginia


EDEC, Inc.


849-Acre Plant




Gaylor managed the massive ESSROC construction job by keeping a multi-functioning schedule consisting of more than 2000 items and a critical action log detailing multiple time-sensitive tasks. Providing power and controls for a new cement mining and manufacturing facility was conducted in 12 phases preserving production from one kiln line to another while maintaining the same output.

A jobsite specific organizational chart coordinated 280 personnel, including 150 local electricians, in two shifts seven days a week. Abiding by Mine Safety and Health Administration practices, every worker was thoroughly trained by Gaylor staff prior to stepping foot on site. Due to challenging site logistics for the 849-acre plant, material procurement was well planned from the start utilizing large initial buyouts and strategic release for delivery.

ESSROC, the fifth largest cement fabricator in the world, produces more than 6.5 million metric tons of cement per year for use in the construction industry.  As the primary employer in Berkeley County, the upgraded high-tech dry production factory produces 2-million metric tons of cement annually.