FedEx International Hub

Indianapolis, IN


Shiel Sexton




Prior to this 1996-original build, nothing of this caliber had existed in the Indianapolis area.  Gaylor Electric handled all electrical work and distribution including a massive generator room containing 6 large generators, all lighting throughout the building, and the control panel wiring.  The generators were placed in their permanent location, the building was then constructed around these vital pieces of machinery – making electrical work seemingly more challenging.  The project took place during the winter which led to several weather-related issues, causing slow down on some installations. The contractor at the time, Shiel Sexton, and Gaylor Electric worked closely together- beginning their first huge project together.  This project led to a future professional relationship between Shiel Sexton and Gaylor- several multi million-dollar projects were managed by the two. FedEx recently updated and expanded this location within the last 10 years, again using Gaylor has their trusted Electrical Contractor.