Hamilton County Solar

Noblesville, IN




The construction of Hamilton County Solar was broken down into 5 key areas, (4) rooftop solar farms situated on top of the following buildings: Hamilton County Corrections, Hamilton County Health Department, Juvenile Center, and the Jail, and (1) solar field, located directly across from the county facilities. In total project consisted of more than 9,300 solar panels and over 3,500 LED lights on the roofs of the buildings at the County Correctional Campus. Our project team installed combiner boxes, inverter skids, transformers and panel boards, delivering total of 2,604 AC (kW) and 3,093 DC (kW). Bringing power online required the utmost to detail when it came to schedule. The risks associated with an unsuccessful rollover would be the loss of security system, automatic door locks within the jail would shut off, and 911 dispatch would be taken out of commission. Through extensive coordination and pre-planning, our team executed the task without interruption.