Fishers, Indiana






The successful execution of the project’s aggressive schedule relied heavily on early communication and coordination from every trade involved on the project. The electrical team spent time in advance of mobilization to fully understand the whole project scope and develop an execution strategy. By using virtual Building Information Modeling (BIM), our team eliminated coordination concerns and developed a detailed plan to stay on schedule. At the time of completion, the 288,000 square-foot IKEA super-store was built in less than 1 year, with 80% of the electrical portion completed within a 6-month span.

The electrical portion of this project included underground duct bank, complete power distribution, switchgear, HVAC, lighting, and life safety systems. The facility’s spaces included warehouse, store, loading docks, industrial kitchen and bistro, 50 customized showrooms, and office space. In addition, the team installed electrical rough-in for Telecommunication, Audio/Video, CCTV and Access Control systems. Each phase of the IKEA build was broken down into manageable work packages that were tracked by detailed pull planning boards. Each of our team leaders set clear productivity expectations by visually representing which crew would be completing what kind of work, and when.

Through 100% virtual collaboration, our electrical engineering team could visually communicate the project’s constructability to the field. Virtual design provided an all-trade 3D model that seamlessly delivered the valuable information necessary to making informed decisions throughout the project.