IMPA Richmond Solar

Richmond, IN






For the Richmond Solar Park, the Gaylor Electric team brought to life 22,000 solar panels and developed a system of converting Direct Current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC) power to feed back into the power grid. This process was supported by installing 39 combiner boxes, 39 inverters, 7 transformers, 21 solar motors, and 98 miles of wire.

This project began on 45 acres of sandy terrain. After thousands of support posts were driven into the ground, and over 22,000 pieces of solar glasswere secured, the electrical team was brought onsite to make it all work. We started with the sun and worked backwards to feed generated Direct Current (DC) power back into the power grid as Alternating Current (AC) power. At completion, Richmond Solar Park III will be part of IMPA’s largest solar field in the state of Indiana.

In total, this 45-acre site plays host to over 22,000 solar panels that will pump 4.5 mega-watts of solar generated energy back into our power grid.