Indiana Packers Quick Chill & Cooler Expansion

Delphi, IN


The Stellar Group




Gaylor Electric was awarded a National Eagle Award for demonstrating construction excellence with Indiana Packers Quick Chill and Cooler Expansion. Producing and freezing more than 700 million pounds of pork per year, Indiana Packers quick chill production process uses an elaborate overhead conveyor system that transports pork carcasses through a three-stage process that quickly reduces carcass temperatures from 180 degrees, to slightly above freezing, in a matter of minutes. Gaylor Electric installed all of the electrical power and control requirements for this extensive processing system. The project required 56,000 feet of rigid conduit, more than 4,000 feet of flexible seal-tite conduit for various equipment and motor connections, 262,000 feet of power wiring, and 2,100 feet of 15KV high voltage power cable. The electrical scope also included installation of two 145KV utility switches that feed four utility transformers and four KVA transformers. A new 8,400 square-foot mechanical and electrical room was also built to house the switchboards and compressors for the extensive blast cooler refrigerator system. Installation of two new 1200 amp, 4160 volt, 3 phase electrical services was required to supply power for the refrigerator system that included four 1250 horsepower ammonia compressors capable of producing -24 degree temperatures.