Jack Hineman

Vice President of Business Intelligence and Brand

With a degree from Purdue University in Computer Technology, Jack began his career in Information Technology consulting, advancing from a desktop support role to a Senior Project Manager. In 2016, Jack joined the Gaylor Electric team serving as the Network Administrator and quickly became a student of the company. Through gaining a deep understanding of cost accounting, payroll, job cost, and several other crucial areas of the business, Jack developed a passion for analyzing and organizing company data.

In 2018, Jack’s role evolved into a sole focus on Business Intelligence and analytics. With the ability to develop leading-edge reports and visualizations, Jack was able to reveal a story within our data that reinforced existing theories and help to cultivate new insights regarding Gaylor Electric’s future.

In his new role as Vice President of Business Intelligence and Brand, Jack will continue to study the company and uncover new insights through advanced data analytics. He will use these insights to better develop the company’s brand and marketing tactics. Jack’s mission is to lead a data-driven culture within our organization while providing means to effectively digest valuable insights that will assist Gaylor Electric in making more intentional business decisions.