Multiple Locations




Kohl’s has played a fundamental role in helping Gaylor Electric grow to the multi-million, nation-wide company that it is today. Since 1984, Kohl’s has relied on Gaylor Electric for the complete electrical distribution in multiple Kohl’s retail stores throughout Indiana. Our first build was a 100,000 square-foot, Energy Star-rated Kohl’s located in Plainfield, Indiana. This eco-friendly Kohl’s included a centralized energy management system, an occupancy control system, and high-efficiency lighting. Working closely with the owner and contractor, Gaylor Electric put only their best LEED-certified experts on the job, who followed guidelines specified in plans and by the U.S Environmental Protection agency, making adjustments as needed to enhance energy performance. Although Kohl’s presented challenging energy-efficiency standards in the design phase of this project, the Gaylor Electric team successfully made these eco-friendly requirements a reality.