Meadow Lake Wind

Chalmers, Indiana




Meadow Lake Wind Farm was fully operational as Gaylor electricians upgraded the interconnect station installing nine additional 345kV breakers into the existing AEP switchyard facility. Large drilling rigs, cranes and concrete pumps were used to build the foundation inside the live substation. Maintaining power to the original phase while expanding service was critical thus required additional safety measures that were closely monitored by Gaylor’s safety department and American Electric Power personnel. Due to minimal available storage and a tight timeline, innovative material procurement techniques and weekly coordination meetings kept progress on track.  By partnering with a major supplier, Gaylor developed an internet based inventory tracking spreadsheet shared by all parties calling for materials to be delivered when needed. Peak manpower consisting of 25 Gaylor electricians as well as 25 additional professionals working 10-hour days, 6-days a week allowed for successful completion of this energy project with no disruption to commercial operations. This renewable resource farm constitutes an installed capacity of 500MW (megawatts) and 303 turbines, generates enough electricity to power approximately 150,000 average Indiana homes with clean energy each year.