Phillip Simmons

Charleston, SC


Thompson Turner Construction






Phillip Simmons High School is a 221,000sf state-of-the-art facility that sets the bar for education and technology. Housing an initial 950 students, with expansion capacity for 1500 students, the school was designed for continued growth. Phillip Simmons features a 1,000-seat theater, a full-size gymnasium with an auxiliary gym, a STEM facility, a health science academy, outdoor learning centers, and a business and hospitality academy. The new campus also includes football, soccer, baseball, softball and tennis facilities.

Phillip Simmons High School represents the type of technology infrastructure that many education facilities are moving towards. By integrating computer based curriculum, mobile devices, and paperless solutions, the school has been able to captivate a technology driven generation, and transform classrooms into a thriving environment. The new Phillip Simmons High School opened on time for the August 2017 school year. In attendance for the first week of school, were onsite Gaylor Electric technicians – standing by to make sure the grand opening went smoothly.