Scott Hamilton Proton Therapy

Nashville, TN

The Gaylor Electric fabrication team worked in tandem with our engineering department to create an in-house replica of the Proton Therapy cyclotron pit. By taking the BIM model, and applying the 3D design to pre-fabrication design, our team was able to construct a physical modular template used to fabricate hundreds of electrical assemblies with complete accuracy and precision.

The advanced electrical underground system for Provision’s Proton Therapy Center required hundreds of pre-cut, pre-assembled PVC piping modules. Once the jobsite replica was constructed in our controlled warehouse, the Gaylor fabrication team got to work on assembling 14,000ft. of embedded conduit. Relying heavily on the project’s pre-plan and schedule, the in-house team completed sections and shipped the electrical modules to the jobsite – ready for install. 

Once onsite, the sections were crane lifted and lowered into place for securement. This process saved countless hours of onsite, by eliminating the need for our field crew to climb 12 feet of exposed rebar to assemble each section piece-by-piece. The team was presented with no room for install error due to an aggressive concrete schedule associated with 32 separate concrete pours of 12-feet high & 6-foot thick radiation proof containment walls.