Field Supervisor

What does a Field Supervisor do?

Field Supervisors are directly responsible for leading and managing crews that consist of lead persons, crew leaders, journeypersons, apprentices, and/or helpers. They lay out project work and ensure that materials, tools, and equipment are scheduled in a timely manner to meet scope, budget, and project construction schedules. Field Supervisors may be responsible for multiple jobsites.  

What skills are required of a Field Supervisor?

Field Supervisors have Journeymen’s license and a thorough understanding of all NEC, state and local codes. Field Supervisors also have the skills necessary to lead, motivate, coach, and develop assigned employees. In addition, Field Supervisors must have the ability to plan, schedule, and organize tasks in order to meet deadlines.  

“I love the challenge of the industry – new things come up and you have to problem solve.”

Blaise Sapu

Field Supervisor

Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Field Supervisors

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