Gaylor Electric has designed and built some of the largest, most robust data centers in the country. Partnering with world renowned clients, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in this critical sector. Over the past several years, Data Center construction has played an integral role in the overall growth of our business.

We understand the vital importance of client confidentiality. Although we cannot publicly showcase our high level of mission critical experience, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and unmatched construction expertise remains unwavering.

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Megawatts of Completed Construction

Megawatts Under Construction


Behind every functional business is a data center that stores, processes, and houses the critical systems responsible for keeping a company operational every day. With security and reliability as a priority, every data center must be able to provide adequate infrastructure for power distribution, supplemental power subsystems, and backup generators. These unique needs demand a facility with the security and space to house these critical systems. Gaylor Electric works closely with clients to devise project-specific plans to limit and prevent system crashes, keeping data protected.