& Virtual Design


Innovative solutions in construction are rapidly transforming the industry. With advanced technologies such as Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design, the construction process now integrates modular construction with real-time field application. Gaylor Electric’s strong in-house engineering and design team is revolutionizing the way we build.


We come to the table committed to investing the resources, technology, and innovation needed to ensure success for the whole construction team. Whether your project is still in the “idea stage,” or quickly approaching the build phase, we are prepared to jump in as a Reliable design partner, focused on meeting the project’s true objectives.


Strong effective pre-planning and early performance starts with our team of experienced virtual designers and engineers. By fostering an environment that encourages design collaboration, transparency, and effective information sharing, we can increase team efficiency, mitigate project setbacks, and meet aggressive construction schedules.


Through comprehensive 3D modeling, potential conflicts can be identified and eliminated before construction begins – saving time and resources. This proactive approach minimizes the need for costly rework and delays during the construction phase and ensures a shared vision and alignment of goals.


Being a technology-driven construction company means embracing leading-edge tools and software to enhance project efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and improve communication. By leveraging our industry’s latest advancements, we promote innovative construction process and deliver high-quality projects to our clients.