Operations Manager

What does an Operations Manager do?

The Operations Manager is responsible for the attainment of location performance goals and the formulation of short and long-range objectives to support the Company’s strategic plan. OMs are responsible for leading and overseeing multiple projects consisting of on-site supervision of general superintendent, field supervisors, lead persons, crew leaders, journeypersons, apprentices and/or helpers.  OMs develop and maintain long-term working relationships with our customers and vendors.  

What skills are required of an Operations Manager?

The Operations Manager is highly competent in reviewing project documents; plans and specifications; directing construction activities; resolving construction obstacles; coordinating field installations and project closings; and developing and maintaining client relationships, all within project cost, time and quality standards while adhering to standard operating procedures. 

“I love being able to complete challenging tasks in a team atmosphere knowing that I’m accomplishing more together than I would be able to do individually.”

Brad Foster

Operations Manager

Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Operations Managers

We are looking for Operations Managers to join our innovative, fast-growing company.