What does a Pre-Apprentice do?

Pre-Apprentices learn vital construction skills and contribute to the success of real projects under the mentorship and guidance of experienced Journeypersons and Apprentices. Pre-apprentices assist with basic electrical rough-in, raceway/conductor installations, housekeeping activities, and general material organization and handling.

What skills are required of a Pre-Apprentice?

Pre-Apprentices demonstrate the ability to learn while working alongside a Journeyperson or Apprentice before entering a registered apprenticeship program. Must keep all materials, tools, and equipment in an orderly fashion, always maintain a clean work area, demonstrate safe work habits, and exhibit proper care of all tools and equipment. 

“My team here is amazing! They know how to problem solve, communicate, and I know that if I ask for help they’re willing to help.”

Emily Masters


Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Pre-Apprentices

We are looking for Pre-Apprentices to join our innovative, fast-growing company.