"Gaylor Electric deserves the praise for a job well-done on this project. From my observations, their entire team was committed to working hard, staying on top of the schedule, all while maintaining a safe jobsite. Not often do you find electricians truly like that. "

- Fort Stewart

Fort Stewart

Fort Stewart, Georgia

The Fort Stewart structure is designed to house lockers for deploying soldiers and metal cages for equipment storage as well as staff offices.
Gaylor Electric dug conduit trenches with an excavator and used pick axes to get through the soil to run piping for the main power service, telephone, subpanels, receptacles and circuits fast-tracking the labor in time for the slab pour.
The LEED certified building consists of a uniform lighting layout featuring 2×4 Fluorescent lay-in lamps, emergency lighting and occupancy sensors. Gaylor Electric installed exterior site lighting as well as illumination for the staging platform.

Build Type


Project Size

41,661 SF