Engineering Manager

What does an Engineering Manager do?

Engineering Managers are accountable for the management and performance of engineering department personnel, the integration and coordination of technical designs with other internal departments and external consultants, and the review of completed department work for targeted projects, technical adequacy,
and satisfaction of project requirements. 

What skills are required of an Engineering Manager?

Engineering Managers require a high degree of technical knowledge of lighting design, electrical construction, proficiency in NEC code standards, and computer estimating applications. Engineering Managers also have the skills necessary to lead, motivate, coach, and develop assigned employees. In addition, they must have the ability to plan, schedule, and organize tasks to meet deadlines. 

“There’s always new technology to learn… new projects, new people! There’s always something new you have to adapt to!”

David Vandermolen

Engineering Manager

Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Engineering Managers

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