What does a Journeyperson do?

Journeypersons perform all electrical tasks with limited supervision and demonstrate safe work habits and proper care for their tools and equipment. They can visualize completed work prior to installation and possess knowledge of proper circuit grounding practices, transformer connections, over-current protection, parallel circuits, fuse/circuit breakers, motors, cable trays and their support systems. 

What skills are required of a Journeyperson?

Journeypersons have completed an apprenticeship program registered with the department of labor or have demonstrated equivalent skill level and have a thorough understanding of all NEC, state, and local codes while carrying journey-level licenses in states and locales where required. They also have the skills needed to identify, communicate, and remove hazards and risks that may be present in their work environments. 

“I like working in the construction industry because I was always one of those kids who liked being outside, build and create. There is always so much to learn here – each jobsite is different.”

Dennis Johnson


Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Journeypersons

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