Lead Person

What does a Lead Person do?

Lead Persons are accountable for the on-site management and safety of assigned construction projects, trade contractors, and field personnel. They ensure scheduled completion of projects within established budget, time and quality standards while following standard operating procedures. Highest performing Lead Persons will create a productive environment for all employees to succeed while keeping the project on schedule. 

What skills are required of a Lead Person?

Lead Persons have completed an apprenticeship through an accredited school that is registered with the department of labor or have demonstrated equivalent skill level and possess a thorough understanding of all NEC, state, and local codes. Lead Persons must have the ability to read drawings, understand scope of work, plan, schedule, and organize tasks for the team in order to meet project requirements. In addition to technical knowledge, Lead Persons also need to have the skills necessary to lead, motivate, coach, and develop assigned employees. 

“I enjoy working with hard working people. I like keeping safety and production on the forefront, while still having a good time doing it!”

Klayton McClurg

Lead Person

Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Lead People

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