Project Manager

What does an Project Manager do?

Project Managers are directly responsible for planning/preparing all contract administration, executing, and directing project activities, and developing or maintaining client relationships. They may be responsible for leading and overseeing multiple projects and collaborating daily with their team of project engineers and site-supervision to ensure both the profitability and success of each project.   

What skills are required of a Project Manager?

Project Managers can analyze the basic processes their teams use to build projects and implement strategies for improvement and innovation that result in better safety, quality, and productivity measures. Project Managers must be comfortable structuring and reviewing various budgets, productivity/profitability reports, and forecasting of potential projects and opportunities.  

“What I like most about working with my team is working with a group of individuals who are all like-minded and working towards the same common goal.”

Eric VanDerVliet

Project Manager

Recommended Credentials Provided through Gaylor University for Highest Performing Project Managers

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