"Gaylor Electric’s involvement in the project was instrumental in completing the control work on schedule. The team planned well in advance and was a leader among the prime subcontractors."

- Greenfield Aluminum

Greenfield Aluminum

Russellville, Kentucky

This project started with the robust underground work of Greenfield Aluminum, and this portion of build was the most complex and required a great deal of coordination. Installation included underground electrical duct banks and underground conduit, trenching, backfilling and concrete encasement.
The fast-paced schedule and the evolving design plans presented many challenges, starting with the duct bank trenches.
The project also required the use of 3” ridged conduit. Our engineering team designed a 4x8ft modular support system by using fabricated marine boards to accurately place and support the weight of 30 ridged conduit. By using a module template, our in-house team cut and drilled 30 perfectly placed holes in each board – over 2,000 marine boards were prefabricated and shipped to the jobsite. Once the ridged conduit was in place, our team self-performed core drilling through solid concrete.
The underground work also required the electrical team to deliver precise stub-up locations for the Greenfield recycling equipment.

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Project Size

280,000 SF