"Gaylor Electric’s attention to detail and strong pre-planning resulted in a successful project delivery. Their level of communication proved invaluable when it came to working with the different departments of the city."

- Hamilton County Solar

Hamilton County Solar

Noblesville, Indiana

Over the next 25 years, this project is projected to save the County over $25 Million in utility costs.
The construction of Hamilton County Solar relied on executing a productive and precise construction workflow from day one. This was accomplished through a detailed preplanning phase and successfully applying innovative electrical installation methods.
This project was broken down into 5 key areas, (4) rooftop solar farms situation on top of the following buildings; Hamilton County Corrections, Hamilton County Health Department, Juvenile Center, and the Jail, and (1) solar field, located directly across from the county facilities.
Through extensive coordination and pre-planning, our team executed a two-hour shutdown window to roll all four facilities to the backup system without causing interruptions.

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Project Size

9,300 Solar Panels