"Gaylor Electric deserves exceptional recognition. They are a premier quality contractor who have meshed closely with the project’s needs."

- IMPA Richmond Solar

IMPA Richmond Solar

Richmond, Indiana

The Gaylor Electric team developed a system of converting Direct Current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC) power to feed back into the power grid.
This project consisted of installing 39 combiner boxes, 39 inverters, transformers, 21 solar motors, and 98 miles of wire.
Our team started with the sun and worked backwards to feed generated Direct Current (DC) power back into the power grid as Alternating Current (AC) power.
In total, this 45-acre site plays host to over 22,000 solar panels that will pump 4.5 mega-watts of solar generated energy back into our power grid..

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Project Size

22,000 SF