Supreme Court of Ohio Awards Gaylor Franklin County Contract

Sep 5, 2018

Gaylor, Inc. welcomes yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court of Ohio in State ex rel. Gaylor, Inc. v. Goodenow in which the Court ordered the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, subject to contempt proceedings, to reinstate its bid on the Franklin County Animal Shelter project and determine whether its bid is the lowest and best. The Court also ordered Franklin County to award the electrical-systems contract to Gaylor upon determining its bid to be lowest and best.

The Commissioners admit that Gaylor’s bid is lower than other competitors by at least $100,000. The Construction Manager, Elford, has already completely qualified Gaylor to receive the contract using the criteria announced in the Commissioner’s own standards, according to the Franklin County’s Prosecutor’s Office.

“We are obviously quite happy the Supreme Court of Ohio stepped in and ordered Franklin County to fairly consider our bid,” said Paul Osland, Gaylor’s Chief Operating Officer. “We hope this decision will help maintain a positive business environment in Franklin County now that the Supreme Court has leveled the bidding playing field.”

“Considering that the commissioners have publicly stated the need to proceed without delay to begin construction on the project, we look forward to receiving this contract at the next meeting, which will be on Tuesday, May 4,” Mr. Osland said. “Our bid is the lowest by a wide margin and we have the approval of the construction manager. We see no reason why Franklin County will not follow his advice and award the contract to us.”

“We have successfully performed many contracts larger than this one throughout central Ohio,” Mr. Osland continued. “We look forward to the award of the contract, working with Franklin County and performing our duties on-time and on budget.”

Gaylor is a private electrical contracting company with an office in Dublin, Ohio. It has been in operation for more than twenty-five years, and its annual revenues are approximately $200 million per year. Over the years, Gaylor has successfully executed many electrical projects in central Ohio that were larger than the Animal Shelter’s $1.3 million contract, including the COTA Fields Avenue renovation project, which had a successful scope of electrical work of $2.5 million, OSU McCracken Power Plant which was $4.3 million, Children’s Hospital Parking Garage ($1.5 million), and OSU Psychology Building ($4 million).